Psychological conditions, in general, have a very important role in supporting the cancer patient therapy. Various things can trigger stress that affects the patient’s psychological condition while undergoing treatment. In dealing with psychological problems, it is necessary to have good coordination between patients, families, and health practitioners to keep the patient’s condition stable during treatment. One of the methods of stress management that can be done by patients and their families is a relaxation program.

To solve psychological problems in cancer patients, the palliative team held Virtual Relaxation Program. This program was carried independently by the patients and their families in their respective homes under the direction of the palliative team. In collaboration with Mrs I Gusti Ayu Karnasih, M. Kep, Ns. Sp. Kep Mat, Garwita Institute designed relaxation recordings that were made and customized to the conditions of the patients.

The palliative team and volunteers did an assessment as an initial stage and also a post-relaxation assessment to know the patients’ conditions further. Some patients became calmer after the program. Besides, the feeling of anxiety towards the disease also gradually decreased after undergoing the relaxation regularly. Based on the interim evaluation, the palliative team will continue to study and conduct research to produce relaxation records that can be useful for many more cancer patients.


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