Palliative Health Trip is the most awaited program by patients. This trip is carried out by patients with their families, volunteers, and the medical team twice in a year. Travelling becomes a valuable moment for patients, considering that most of their time is used for medical treatment as well as the limitations of the families to facilitate recreation. The purpose of this trip is to reduce the level of the patient’s distress.

The 5th health trip was held on September 7th, 2019 at Warung Kembang. It is a restaurant with natural nuances in Ajung, Jember. The activities carried were health examination, relaxation, and fun games. We also held a seminar about creating a brighter future for the elderly which was facilitated by Dr Soedjono, a psychiatrist. The trip was attended by 30 cancer patients and their families. Everyone enjoyed the trip, had much laughter, and came home happily. (Ta)

Palliative Health Trip 5: Fun At Warung Kembang

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