The Business Legal Material was resumed with a discussion on the form of business entities which were held on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020, at 3. P.M. This Speaker was Mellyana Trisnawati, S.H, M.Kn, she was as one of the notaries in Jember. In this topic, there are 3 important points that were informed, the first point: If we have a business and need help, is there any other way than borrowing money from other people? The answer: There is, one of which is to offer to other parties to participate as investors in the business that is running now or that has been done. So that from the beginning there is only one investor, when there is additional capital from other parties or new investors, the business that has been in progress or will be carried out is converted into the agency.

The second point, How to make the rules of the game among people who are investors? Before establishing a body, whether it’s a business entity or a legal entity, recognize and learn the differences, especially in the capital system. Every business must know the advantages and disadvantages, so the most important thing is risk management. And the last point, How do we deal with third parties? One of the differences between the body forms mentioned above is about structure. After knowing the structure, then the limitation of authority must be determined, so that it does not occur authority that will cause harm to one of the parties.

This activity is expected to be a place for anyone to share knowledge and discussion together.

GARWITA Afternoon Talk: Business Law “Forms of Business Entity” (CV, PT, FIRMA, Individuals & Civil Partnership)

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