The Covid-19 pandemic has limited almost all daily activities. In anticipating this, the palliative team arranged several online programs to continue providing support for cancer patients. although almost all activities are carried out online, the palliative team still coordinates with the doctors and nurses of the oncology unit at Baladhika Husada Hospital to provide services that can help cancer patients. Routine activities that are still being carried out today are online consultation, entrusted services queue number, online sharing, and a home visit.


Activity Purpose



Entrusted Queue Number To help patients on registration  collectively Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Time: conditional


Online Consultation Patient consultation services through the palliative team to oncologists at Baladhika Husada Hospital via WhatsApp online Every Monday to Friday

Time :

at 08.00 AM – 02.00 PM


Health Information Online Sharing Share health information and detect patient needs

Purpose: to educate patients and families



Home Visit   Helping patient care, motivating, and educate patients and their families about self-care Conditional



Palliative care team recently got special donations from our partner, Nestle Health ScienceNestle Health Science engaged in the fulfilment of nutritional therapy for cancer patients. About 50 boxes of Isocal milk and 15 cans of Boost Optimum milk were donated to several cancer patients through the palliative team. This assistance was specifically given to the patients with certain conditions because our aim is to bolster up the patient’s nutritional needs during therapy.



Psychological problems are considered to have the most powerful influence on the success of cancer patient therapy, one of which is stress. dr. Andreas Andrianto, Sp.B (K) Onk, gave an overview of the psychological conditions and several causes of the stress of the cancer patients in an online seminar held by the Garwita Palliative Care Team on Saturday, October 17, 2020. The seminar was delivered through the Zoom meeting application and Live Youtube. In this seminar, Mrs I. Gusti Ayu Karnasih, as a senior nurse and hypnotherapist, also thoroughly discussed the benefits of relaxation for cancer patients and how this method can be an alternative for stress management.

It was discussed in the seminar that many of the cancer patients in Jember had severe stress conditions due to the chemotherapy process because of its side effects. Therefore, they need a stronger support system from caregivers, health practitioners, and other patients. This seminar was attended by various groups: cancer patients, caregivers, health workers, cancer observers, and students from health-related major. It is hoped that this seminar could increase the awareness of the society about the effect of stress on cancer patients and provide the support needed by the patients and their families to continue fighting cancer.



Psychological conditions, in general, have a very important role in supporting the cancer patient therapy. Various things can trigger stress that affects the patient’s psychological condition while undergoing treatment. In dealing with psychological problems, it is necessary to have good coordination between patients, families, and health practitioners to keep the patient’s condition stable during treatment. One of the methods of stress management that can be done by patients and their families is a relaxation program.

To solve psychological problems in cancer patients, the palliative team held Virtual Relaxation Program. This program was carried independently by the patients and their families in their respective homes under the direction of the palliative team. In collaboration with Mrs I Gusti Ayu Karnasih, M. Kep, Ns. Sp. Kep Mat, Garwita Institute designed relaxation recordings that were made and customized to the conditions of the patients.

The palliative team and volunteers did an assessment as an initial stage and also a post-relaxation assessment to know the patients’ conditions further. Some patients became calmer after the program. Besides, the feeling of anxiety towards the disease also gradually decreased after undergoing the relaxation regularly. Based on the interim evaluation, the palliative team will continue to study and conduct research to produce relaxation records that can be useful for many more cancer patients.

Relaksasi Sebagai Alternatif Menunjang Keberhasilan Terapi Pasien Kanker


Kondisi psikologis secara umum memiliki peran yang sangat penting dalam menunjang keberhasilan terapi pasien kanker.  Berbagai hal dapat menjadi pemicu stres sehingga mempengaruhi kondisi psikologis pasien kanker saat menjalani pengobatan. Untuk mengatasi hal ini pasien dan keluarga harus saling bekerjasama dalam mengelola stres dan menjaga kondisi psikologis pasien tetapstabil selama masa pengobatan. Metode pengelolaan stress yang dapat dilakukan oleh pasien dan keluarga salah satunya dengan memanfaatkan alternatif relaksasi.

Penjelasan seputar kondisi psikologis pasien kanker dibahas secara jelas dan menarik oleh dr. Andreas Andrianto, Sp.B(K)Onk dalam webinar yang diadakan oleh Tim Perawatan Paliatif Garwita pada hari Sabtu,17 Oktober 2020 melalui aplikasi zoom meeting dan Live Youtube. Tidak hanya itu dalam webinar ini Ibu I. Gusti Ayu Karnasih juga mengupas tuntas manfaat relaksasi bagi pasien kanker serta bagaimana meode ini dapat menjadi alternnatif pengelolaan stress.

Tim Paliatif Garwita mengusung tema”Pengaruh Stres Terhadap Efektivitas Terapi Pasien Kanker”. Webinar ini diikuti oleh berbagai kalangan baik dari pasien kanker, keluarga, tenaga kesehatan, pemerhati kanker, mahasiswa dan umum. Diharapkan webinar ini dapat memberi manfaat dan dukungan bagi pasien kanker dan keluarga untuk terus berjuang dalam menjalani pengobatan.

Teman-teman Garwita dapat mengakses rekaman dan materi diskusi melalui link di bawah ini:

Materi :
1. Materi 1 dr. Andreas
2. Cancer survivor with Relaxation_Materi 2_B Ayu 

Youtube Link :




The Palliative Support Group or PSG is a routine activity carried out by the Palliative Team every Monday and Wednesday at DKT Hospital. PSG topics in February and March 2020 were how to take care of a wound after surgery and education about coronavirus. The goal was to increase awareness and make the patients and their families skilful in taking care of the patient at home.

This program is important regarding that many of the patients live in villages and have insufficient healt

h information access. There were 30 patients who joined each PSG. PSG ended with a personal co

nsultation for several patients related to the topic.

Due to the spreading of COVID-19, PSG has been held online via Whatsapp Group. The themes have been how to wash hands properly and mental health practices to maintain during the coronavirus lockdown.  (Rin)

GARWITA Afternoon Talk: Bullying Around us


Bullying is still a crucial  global problem. Sometimes it happen in front of us and hiding without anyone knowing. Bullying often happens at school and every child is potentially to be the bully or victim. The one who is be the victim of bully will feel anxious, stress, depress, even to a suicidal attempt. It seriously needs attention of us.

What we have to do? Lets discuss and show that we care about that.

Through a new program (Afternoon talk) Garwita institute inviting everyones to discuss about “Bullying” that have been held in wednesday 12 of February 2020 at 3 PM. Mrs. Nadia Maria was the speaker in this afternoon talk and various parties like collage students and parents became the audience of the discussion.

What is bullying? Bullying is aggresive behavior that has the purpose of making the victim feel stress or hurt, to involve imbalance of power between the bully and the victim, and usually happens repeatedly.

Bullying can affect someone’s life including  academics, physical health, social relations, self image and mental health.

Bulliying happens because of many factors that are character, environment, social and empathy. The way to resolve  bullying is parents communication to their children, to differentiate between the good and the bad thing, developed the empathy and beat the bullying with the achievement.

Bincang Sore Garwita: Jembatan Praktis Profesional Muda


Garwita Institute, tidak hanya menjadi tempat untuk belajar bagi para mahasiswa, tapi juga menjadi sarana bagi beberapa professional muda untuk mengabdikan diri bagi masyarakat. Bincang Sore Garwita acara untuk menjembatani para professional muda untuk berbagi pengetahuan praktis bagi masyarakat dan salah satu program baru yang akan rutin dilaksanakan sebulan sekali dengan berbagai topik, yang diselenggarakan dengan format bincang-bincang santai. Kegiatan ini juga akan terdokumentasikan melalui website dan sosial media Garwita Institute.

“Legalitas usaha” tentang hukum bisnis menjadi tema perdana yang disampaikan oleh Andrian Febrianto selaku Advokat yang memberikan bantuan hukum di Garwita Institute dalam acara Bincang Sore Pada hari Rabu, 22 Januari 2020 Pukul 15.00 WIB. Acara ini diikuti oleh beberapa pelaku usaha yang ada di Jember.

Pemateri menyampaikan bagaimana legalitas usaha itu dibutuhkan, kenapa usaha harus memiliki legalitas dan pentingnya legalitas usaha. Andrian Febrianto memaparkan bahwa legalitas usaha dibutuhkan karena adanya beberapa kondisi yang pertama terkait permodalan. Permodalan besar harus ada orang yang tanggung jawab, misalkan Perseroan Terbatas yang bertanggung jawab adalah direksinya. Urusan permodalan khususnya tambahan permodalan, juga menjadi faktor legalitas usaha dibutuhkan yaitu untuk mengajukan permohonan kredit dibutuhkan SIUP dan TDP sebagai bukti kalau usaha tersebut legal. Kondisi kedua, adalah jenis usahanya seperti  pub yang menjual minuman beralkohol harus ada izin di pariwisata.

Pemateri menjelaskan bahwa tidak semua jenis usaha harus legal atau memiliki legalitas usaha. Apabila skalanya kecil seperti kaki lima dan tidak menetap atau toko pracangan kecil tidak membutuhkan legalitas. Bisa iya, bisa tidak. Pentingnya legalitas  yaitu untuk menambah modal dan mencegah adanya investor bodong atau investasi yang bermasalah.

Bincang sore Garwita  dapat diikuti oleh siapapun cukup dengan memberikan donasi secara sukarela yang seluruh perolehannya akan didonasikan bagi perawatan paliatif pasien kanker dan kegiatan pemberdayaan terhadap WBP (Warga Binaan Pemasyarakatan) Lapas Kelas IIA Jember.

Penyuluhan ESUS di SMA Negeri 2 Jember


Tim ESUS (edukasi seksual usia sekolah) Garwita Institute kembali memberikan edukasi seksual kepada siswa SMA Negeri 2 Jember. Penyuluhan ESUS remaja ini dilaksanakan pada Jum’at, 24 Januari 2020. Kegiatan ini diikuti oleh 40 siswa yang terdiri dari siswa kelas sebelas. Materi yang diberikan kepada siswa adalah mengenai berteman dengan lawan jenis dan membuat batasan yang baik.

Dari penyuluhan ini tim esus mendapatkan gambaran bahwa remaja yang berada di daerah perkotaan lebih aktif mencari tahu edukasi seksual secara mandiri. Mereka juga lebih terbuka dengan edukasi seksual, sehingga pengetahuan yang mereka miliki lebih luas.

Palliative Support Group: Made The Patients Skilful In Post-Surgery Care At Home


The Palliative Support Group or PSG is an activity carried out by the Palliative Team every Monday and Wednesday. The activity is carried out at DKT Hospital. The purpose is to strengthen the patient’s motivation to undergo the medication and spread health-related information.

PSG topic during November 2019 was how to take care of a wound after surgery. The goal was to make the patients and their families skilful in taking care of the patient at home. There were 30 patients were involved. PSG ended with a personal consultation for several patients about their post-surgery treatment. (Rin)